2022 0824 Invest SW AG Groundbreaking

The Architect's Newspaper - INVEST South/West

Check out the latest update on our Auburn Gresham Invest South/West project on The Architect's Newspaper. The project, Evergreen Imagine, aims to bring dense, equitable transit-oriented development rental units to a vacant site along the 79th Street corridor.

“What Ross Barney et al. did right was to take the time to build trust, making space for necessary discomfort that she said can yield compromise, not winners and losers. ‘What we’re missing in Congress is what we’re now trying to grow in these communities: the idea that you can compromise, and you can talk about resources and the allocation of resources, and there doesn’t have to be a lot of losers,’ she (Carol Ross Barney) said.

Anjulie Rao, The Architect's Newspaper

The Women who Changed Architecture

Carol Ross Barney Featured in "The Women Who Changed Architecture"

The Princeton Architectural Press has launched a new volume, The Women Who Changed Architecture, and features Carol Ross Barney, FAIA, among contemporary leaders in design.

Carol Ross Barney Interview Architectural Record

Architectural Record - “Interview with Carol Ross Barney”

The October 2021 issue of Architectural Record features an interview by Zach Mortice with Design Principal and Founder Carol Ross Barney, FAIA, HASLA in honor of the studio’s receipt of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum National Design Award.

Railyard Park 46

The Architect's Newspaper - "Just the Ticket"

“Many designers would find an active railway an impediment to the creation of a new five-acre park. The Arkansas & Missouri railroad train tracks run through downtown Rogers, Arkansas, were a local trademark worth venerating, not obscuring.

Read more from Editor Matt Hickman at archpaper.com.

Railyard Park 35

Metropolis - "Railyard Park Signifies a Small-Town Renaissance"

Addie Broyles of Metropolis Magazine catalogs the recent completion of the Railyard Park in Rogers, Arkansas.

Peace Corps Carol Highlight

50 Years after the Peace Corps

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the Peace Corps and the 50th anniversary of Carol embarking on assignment to Costa Rica.

Chicago Riverwalk 17

ArchDaily – “Between Water and Land”

ArchDaily features the Chicago Riverwalk 
in a round-up of 10 promenade and waterfront projects.

"...turning the water banks into dynamic and appealing public spaces helps to establish a certain balance between the stiffness of the built environment and the fluidity of water."

Continue reading at archdaily.com

Mc Donalds Global Flagship 15

Architectural Record - “Design on a Diet”

Architectural Record features the McDonald’s flagship 
at Walt Disney World. “Proving less is more, Ross Barney Architects aims for net zero in Disney World”.

Architects newspaper a feat of climate responsive efficiency

Architect’s Newspaper – “A Feat of Climate-Responsive Efficiency”

Architect’s Newspaper takes a look at the 
net-zero McDonald’s flagship at Disney. 
Yes, Imagineers were involved.

Mc Donalds Global Flagship 17

Fast Company -“McDonald’s new restaurant is 100% solar powered”

Fast Company takes a look at McDonald's first Net-Zero Energy restaurant designed by Ross Barney Architects.

Mc Donalds Global Flagship 19

McDonald's Unveils Net-Zero Energy Restaurant

The McDonald’s Global Flagship at Walt Disney Flagship aims to become the first Net Zero Energy quick service restaurant and in doing so represents McDonald’s commitment to building a better future through “Scale for Good”. Incorporating visible and impactful symbols of change, the restaurant deploys architecture and technology to firmly place itself in the future.

Read more news.mcdonalds.com.

Mc Donalds Chicago Flagship 41

BISNOW - "Wood Skyscrapers?"

BISNOW catalogs the evolving use of mass timber in Chicago. Ross Barney Architect’s is helping pave the path.

Read more at bisnow.com

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