4 2024 Dallas Architecture Forum

Carol Ross Barney is a featured speaker at the Dallas Architecture Forum Lecture Series, Wednesday April 24, 2024 7 pm

The Dallas Architecture Forum is a not-for-profit organization that explores the significance of design in our everyday lives, offering dynamic programming focused on contemporary trends in architecture and related disciplines. Learn more about the lecture here

The event is free for Forum Members with General Admission Tickets Available At the Door and AIA CES Credit is Available.

4 2024 Architectural Record Record on the Road

Architectural Record: Sustainability in Practice

Record on the Road Boston will be held April 17th, featuring Carol as a speaker. This special half-day event, organized by Architectural Record in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offers a “master class” in sustainable design and how to make it an integral part of a firm’s DNA, led by architects who have been doing just that for decades.

For more information and to register click here.

3 2024 IWF Keynote

Carol Ross Barney, Keynote Speaker at the Annual IWF Chicago Event

The Women Who Make a Difference event by the International Women’s Forum will honor International Women's Day on March 7, 2024, featuring a keynote address by Carol Ross Barney. The IWF promotes women's leadership and advocates for equity and equality in Chicagoland and globally. Click here to register for the event.

2 2024 Future of Cities Webinar

NORR ed Architectural Series—The Future of Cities Webinar

As cities across the globe struggle to find ways to enhance public places and spaces, watch the NORR ed webinar as Carol Ross Barney shares stories of her impactful work and Reed Kroloff, Dean of IIT’s Architecture program, enhances the discussion. Click here to watch the full webinar.

Reed Kroloff, Dean of the College of Architecture at IIT, remarks on “The Future of Cities” webinar. “Carol Ross Barney is not a Janey come lately to this subject matter. She is not only a good architect and her office is full of good designers but she is someone who’s beaten a drum for a long time and has tried to beat that drum with a rhythm that people could pick up on. That’s a form of sustainability-sustained practice-which we all benefit from.“

Talking gold

Talking Gold

Click here to enjoy an insightful conversation presented by Parlour between three Gold Medal recipients: Maggie Edmond and Kerstin Thompson of Australia (2003 and 2023 Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, respectively) and Carol Ross Barney (2023 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal). 

1 2024 Parallel Histories Chicago Reader

Future Shock: Designing City Resilience

The Australian Institute of Architects will be hosting a "Day for Discussion" around City Resilience:

"the ability to adapt and thrive amid chronic stress and acute shock, has gained prominence in the past decade. Globally, city leaders are uniting to address challenges such as climate extremes, economic uncertainty, ecological degradation, food insecurity, and community stress."

Carol will join a lineup of distinguished speakers at the premier event, delving into design aspects of city resilience. For more information on the February 14 event click here.

1 2024 Bowman Design Forum

Carol Serves as a Guest Juror for the 2023 Bowman Forum

Sponsored by BBN Architects, the Bowman Forum seeks to engage third-year students at Kansas State University in dialogue to celebrate excellent architecture with their colleagues, students, and professionals. 

12 2023 Future of Cities AIA Co Reflection

AIA Colorado—"The Future of Cities" ENGAGE 2023 Keynote: a Reflection by Kaylyn Kirby, AIA, NCARB

Kaylyn Kirby, AIA, NCARB, Committe member of the ENGAGE 2023 AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference, reflects on Carol's keynote speech, "The Future of Cities". Click here to read the reflection 

10 2023 Open House Chicago

Open House Chicago—Curated by Carol Ross Barney

Office buildings, places of worship, and historic spaces across Chicago opened their doors to visitors for the annual Open House Chicago weekend. Ross Barney Architects participated, and hundreds visited the studio. Carol offered a curated list of her picks to stop by.

10 Wellness by Design AIA IL Conference

Wellness by Design: AIA Illinois Annual Conference—Keynote Speaker

"​The theme of Wellness By Design emphasizes wellness not only in physical spaces, but also the wellbeing of those who design and occupy those spaces. With a high-emphasis on new technology, including AI and some of its potential impact on the profession, the conference is sure to be educational and enlightening."

Featured as a keynote speaker at the 2023 AIA Illinois Annual Conference, Carol and others in the field of architecture gathered for a weekend focusing on how wellness plays a part in those in the field and their designs.

9 2023 CAC Designing Futures

Designing Futures: An Evening Honoring Carol Ross Barney

Our very own AIA Gold Medal Recipient Carol Ross Barney was honored at the Designing Futures event hosted by the Chicago Architecture Center. Attendees celebrated Carol's achievements while also supporting CAC's free Design Education Programs.

9 2023 AIA Finalists

AIA Chicago Design Excellence Award Finalist

"The new 3 million square feet, Multi-Modal Terminal at O’Hare International Airport is a welcoming gateway to Chicago. Connected to the airline terminals by an extension of the Airport Transit System (people mover), it is a soaring, sun-filled terminal that serves rental car companies, suburban train services, and regional buses."

Ross Barney Architects is announced as an AIA Chicago Design Excellence Award Finalist for the O'Hare International Airport, Multi Modal Terminal. Join us at Designight 2023 on Thursday, September 28, 2023 as we celebrate this award and find out if we have won the Citation of Merit or the top Honor Award.⁠ Click here for more information on Designight 2023 and other Award Finalists.

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