ArchDaily – “Between Water and Land”

ArchDaily features the Chicago Riverwalk in a round-up of 10 promenade and waterfront projects.

Editor Susanna Moreira writes: “The area surrounding a river, lake, lagoon or sea coast acts as a transition zone between water and land. Therefore, turning the water banks into dynamic and appealing public spaces helps to establish a certain balance between the stiffness of the built environment and the fluidity of water.

Waterfront projects usually take advantage of this connection between the banks and the land to create pathways, but also gathering places which can offer many activities for recreation and resting. We have selected 10 projects of river and beach promenades and waterfronts around the world that use the banks to provide places to stroll and socialize.”

Read more about Torrequebrada Beach Promenade (by El Muelle Arquitectos), Niederhafen River Promenade (by Zaha Hadid Architects), Praça do Migrante Park (by Taller DIEZ 05), Tel Aviv’s Central Promenade Renewal (by Mayslits Kassif Architects), Urban Park on the Banks of Lake Guaíba (by Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados), and more at