Joshua Ascencio

| Associate AIA

Born in Chicago but raised in Veracruz, Mexico. Joshua's life has been summed up between two countries, two languages, two cultures, the countryside and the big city. This gave Joshua a curiosity about the connection between people and the environment, and the role that architecture plays in creating a better place. 

Joshua began his career as an architect in Mexico, where he opened his studio and developed his first works ranging from residential to medium-scale projects. Subsequently, Joshua closed his studio and decided to return to the United States, where he has been exposed to and has been part of the design of commercial projects ranging from tall mixed-use skyscrapers in Asia and Canada, to medium-scale projects in Southern California. 

During his free time, Joshua enjoys the Chicago Symphony Orchestra concerts, taking a jazz getaway to the Green Mill, sitting on the River Walk, and spending time with his family.

Joshua Ascencio
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