University of Chicago Hospitals Parking Structure and Clinic

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Program: Integrated Parking Structure and Office Building
Status: Complete, 2009
Photography: © Hedrich Blessing, Kate Joyce
Selected Recognition: Chicago Building Congress, Merit Award Finalist 2010.

In response to a growing need for parking and office space, the University of Chicago Hospitals and the University of Chicago joined forces to create the 61st and Drexel Parking Structure and Administrative Center.  The facility is designed to accommodate 1010 cars and about 70,000 gsf in two separate buildings:  The Parking Facility and the Office Building Core and Shell. The primary goal of the Parking Facility is to relieve pressure on the existing parking facility proximate to the Medical Center as well as reduce staff and employee parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago. The user agencies housed in the Office Building include The UC Police Department, and the Biological Sciences Division. Because the building is located on the edge of campus, next to a residential area, the building was required to be a “good neighbor”.  Height, materials, and mass were considered for sensitivity to this community. As a result the building integrates with the south campus and with the Woodlawn neighborhood. The scheme is successful in achieving an image that contributes to the University’s legacy.  The scheme contributes to the overall revitalization of Woodlawn by establishing a visible and fitting University presence in the area.