Union Station Master Plan

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Program: Master Plan/ Feasibility Study
Status: Unbuilt
Collaborative Partners: TranSystems
More Information: www.unionstationmp.com

The Chicago Department of Transportation hired a multi-disciplinary team to study a series of options for adding a high speed rail line and passenger platform to Chicago Union Station. The team additionally was tasked with finding ways to relieve the crowded station in anticipation of an expected increase in both commuter and intercity ridership over the next several decades.

The goals of the project were to increase the stations passenger capacity by modifying the existing tracks and platforms to accommodate future growth; to modify the existing station to reduce passenger confusion trying to navigate from street level through the station to their train’s platform and increase the passengers’ comfort while waiting for and traveling to their train; and, to increase the connectivity of the station with other intermodal transit stations.

Findings were presented in a number of workshops with stakeholders and at public meetings. A final written report with conceptual drawings and renderings, was submitted, outlining each of the concepts and how they meet the project goals. CDOT is currently pursuing funding to advance the medium term development option and move into more detailed design.