Project Orient

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Program: Mixed Use Development
Status: Unbuilt

Project Orient was proposed on a prominent site along historic Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Located between two of the citys most prominent green spaces, the openness of ground level plaza works to help connect pedestrian movement through the site between these parks. The natural topography of the site slopes down from Rustaveli to Gudiashvili Street. The structure raises to allow pedestrian and visual connections through the site between the two streets. This prominent site allows views of all of Tbilisis historic icons. The building courtyards are shaped to maximize the views of these icons and frame the views back to the city.

The building mimics the historic block while reinforcing the contemporary wall along the avenue. Each of the carved out courtyard spaces becomes a symbol of the icon being viewed, showing the impact of the entire city on the development of the buildings form. The buildings axis opens to allow views from Parliament through the building, as well as framing views of the Parliament building. Programmatic integration of retail, office, hospitality, and gallery created complexities and relations of the building form with the larger urban context.