Oklahoma City Federal Building

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Program: Federal Office Building
Status: Complete, 2005
Collaborative Partners: The Benham Group, Sasaki Associates
Photography: © Hedrich Blessing, Steve Hall
Selected Recognition: 2006 General Services Administration Design Award. 2005 Interior Architecture Award, American Institute of Architects Chicago. 2005 Divine Detail Award, American Institute of Architects, Chicago. 2004 Sustainable Design Award, American Institute of Architects Chicago. 2003 Excellence in Construction Award.

The devastation that was witnessed on April 19, 1995 will never leave the minds of Americans. In the aftermath of the terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the General Services Administration sought to replace the facility with a building that represented the values of its community.  The 185,000 square foot building is constructed on a 2 city block site, one block north and west of the former Murrah Federal Building and situated in a transition zone between the Central Business District and the North Downtown neighborhood. The building is about the future, seeking to reunite the federal community and stand as a symbol of freedom. The design maximized sustainable design strategies with most expanses of curtainwall oriented to the north, northeast, or northwest. The southeast facing is protected with a combination of shading elements and a deep roof overhang. Security design was paramount and achieved based on the GSA’s standards for secure facilities. Structural design resists progressive collapse. Building mass, glazing inside the courtyard, and bollards help to maintain a sense of openness while maintaining security. The building is a marriage of art and architecture with the incorporation of a Brad Goldberg designed water feature comprised of locally sourced boulders that acts as an additional line of defense.