Oakton Community College Library Addition

Location: Des Plaines, Illinois
Program: Library Renovation and Addition
Status: Complete, 1998
Photography: © Hedrich Blessing, Steve Hall
Selected Recognition: 2000 Merit Award, Chicago Building Congress. 2000 Silver Medal, Illinois Indiana Masonry Council

The Oakton Community College library addition was constructed in 1978 as part of the original single building campus. Since then the campus nearly doubled in size, yet the 19,000 square foot library has remained largely unchanged. Located at the entrance to the campus, the library is the hub of Oakton Community College and is located on three levels. The library expanded into three levels, bringing the total area to 30,500 square foot. Sun shading devices were added to the connecting stair addition which provided needed identity and improved the functional layout. Views into  the heavily wooded site and opportunities for natural lighting were optimized. All infrastructure systems, electrical, mechanical and data systems were renovated. Working with the students, faculty and staff of Oakton Community College, Ross Barney Architects created a new identity for the library and for the College. Providing a resource to the community in education, the new expansion contains classrooms, Center for lifelong learning and library functions.  The project was completed on budget and schedule. The library remained in operation throughout construction and construction was phased to minimize disruption.