Governors State Faculty Office Building

Location: University Park, Illinois
Program: Office Building
Status: Complete, 2003
Photography: © Hedrich Blessing, Stevel Hall
Selected Recognition: 2004 Merit Award, Chicago Building Congress.

The Faculty Office Center followed an intensive series of programming and master planning sessions with users and administrators of Governors State University.  A design was developed to provide the framework for blending the needs of the faculty into a communal and interactive space within the University campus.  The plan builds upon existing patterns of campus use and the traffic patterns of students, faculty and staff.

The Faculty Office Building was conceived as a bridge between the academic colleges, fostering collegial interaction among the various disciplines.  The plan adds clarity to the overall campus circulation system and allows easy access to the faculty. A central atrium space connects all three floors of the elevated, bridge-like building.  The atrium, from its ground level entrance lobby, up to its sky-lit top, ties together College administration suites with communal spaces – the lounge and computer and conferencing centers.  At ground level, among prairie grasses and native plantings, paths and patios connect the building to parking lots and building entrances.  The new Faculty Office Center uses the latest technologies and concepts of natural lighting and ventilation to provide an economical, efficient, and sustainable building.