CTA Illinois Medical District Station

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Program: Transit Station Rehabilitation
Status: Unbuilt

The Chicago Transit Authority’s Illinois Medical District Station (IMD) on the Forest Park Blue Line presented a series of design challenges.  The station’s location, distance from key destinations, age and lack of maintenance are primary contributors to the deficiencies of the current station.  IMD is uniquely positioned to be an important gateway and landmark in a quickly growing district which comprises the highest concentration of medical facilities in the city. Sited in the median of the Eisenhower Expressway, the design solution is intended to be viewed and interpreted at any speed, whether it be a motorist on the expressway, those arriving by train, or pedestrians and bikers.

Chicago transit riders have a reputation for hardiness.  However, the platforms at IMD are particularly exposed to intense wind, rain and snow, as well as a constant barrage of noise from the expressway on both sides. The design solution was a precast, self-cleaning enclosure to improve weather and acoustical protection on the platform. Passengers would be protected and enjoy a calmer and more attractive environment while moving through the station spaces to their destinations.