Belmont Gateway

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Program: Multi-modal transit exchange
Status: Under Construction

Historically, the Chicago Transit Authority has been a city center focused system, optimized for weekday commuters. As the reach of public transit expands beyond the dense urban core, multi-modal transfer, between train and bus, can often be confusing and frustrating. The Belmont Gateway aims to provide an iconic transportation hub that provides needed amenities to pedestrians while generating a neighborhood identity for the Avondale community.

Inspired by one of Chicago’s “Seven Lost Wonders”, the Olson Waterfall, the station is animated with a dynamic form that is activated on a rainy day. By replacing existing infrastructure, connections to the underground station and numerous bus routes that intersect this busy corridor will be improved and streamlined. A new enclosure will provide a seating area with wind break, bus tracker, heat, and new wayfinding maps.

Designed to accommodate a pre-paid zone for buses, the station will be one of the first in the city to begin piloting new methods of passenger efficiency. In a second phase, both pre-paid infrastructure and an elevator will be installed; consolidating the user experience for both train and bus passengers.