Prix Versailles Announces 2019 Winners

Prix Versailles announced the 2019 winners of the world architecture and design awards, including recognition of the McDonald’s Chicago Flagship.

“The Prix recognizes the most remarkable structures, in terms of both interior and exterior architecture.

Because the Prix is associated with Versailles, we want that world renowned symbol of beauty and elegance to serve not as a model but as a beacon or impetus for quality commercial architecture, today and tomorrow.

The Prix Versailles is an original programme with the very clear aim of fostering better interaction between the economy and culture. It underlines the role economic agents can play, in all sectors, to enhance, embellish and improve living environments.

This everyday architecture can be a lever for sustainable development where ecological (green economy), social and cultural (purple economy) dimensions intersect.”

The award is conferred in association with UNESCO and the International Union of Architects. Learn more at