Curbed – “The 12 best downtown spots to see at Open House Chicago”

Curbed Chicago highlights the annual Open House Chicago, naming our studio’s a must see spot in 2019.

“If touring Chicago’s best sacred spaces isn’t your thing, you can take a stroll downtown to find plenty of other intriguing spots during Open House Chicago on October 19 and 20. Although this year’s event expands to 38 neighborhoods, the Loop remains a popular destination for its concentration of OHC sites and access stunning high-rise views.

There are nearly 70 to choose from—ranging from architecture firms to apartment buildings to historic lobbies—so you are bound to find something that fits your taste. Curbed Chicago spoke with Eric Rogers, OHC and community outreach manager for the Chicago Architecture Center, to highlight some of the can’t-miss downtown locations.

This year’s OHC weekend includes access to more than 350 of the city’s historic churches, ornate performance spaces, and hidden cultural gems. To help plan your weekend, the Chicago Architecture Center lists all of the sites on their website and lets you filter by category. It even tells you which spots are expected to have the longest lines.

Ross Barney Architects
Rogers called this space, ‘very idiosyncratic and a lot of fun.’ This 1883 warehouse was formerly owned by Chicago architect Harry Weese and is now the studio where Ross Barney Architects designed the Chicago Riverwalk and McDonald’s Chicago flagship store. Visitors will get to see 3D models, building fragments, and other exhibits related to past projects.”

Be sure to stop by October 19 + 20 from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Check out the other 11 must-see locations at