Chicago Ideas Week

Studio member Ryan Gann joins the American Institute of Architects at Chicago Design Week to speak about designing the future.

“Architects worked with students and adults to imagine better, safer communities and schools at Chicago Ideas Week. Architects lead two separate design-based public workshops: one for students and another for adults. Both were held at Gensler’s Chicago office, where groups spent a few hours of their day looking critically at the world around them to prioritize pressing issues faced by communities and build a path forward using design thinking. Through these workshops, students and adults were encouraged to explore their own power in the built environment, to discover ownership and civic engagement in different ways.

Chicago Ideas Lab Sizzle from AIA Content Team on Vimeo.

‘The big take away from today is actually thinking about sticky issues we are all dealing with, whether they are politically challenged or heavily emotionally challenged; there are unique outcomes that come from that. I think at the end of the day its all about inspiring people.’ – said Gann.”

Ryan Gann Lab Interview from AIA Content Team on Vimeo.

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